Monday, 22 February 2016

Biker Leather Jackets Fashion in UK

Biking is an outdoor activity that is very thrilling and adventurous. A leather jacket has always been considered appropriate and fashionable for all bikers irrespective of their age and gender. This is perhaps because of the fact that a jacket made form leather gives a rough and tough image to the individual while also helping in enjoying a bike ride. A leather jacket packs the upper part of the body and also protects the rider from chilly winds during winter season. With all these features, it is not surprising that biker jackets have always remained in vogue in UK. In fact, so popular is a biker jacket that most riders feel incomplete and nor ready until they have worn their favorite leather jacket.

Even the celebrities love to pose in biker jackets
Another reason why biker jackets are loved by men and women around the country is because of their use and endorsement by celebrities. Most of the actors, singers, and performers are seen wearing these biker jackets in their personal lives, prompting and encouraging common people to go for these jackets. These biker jackets come in all colors and styles. They are mostly short and slim fit but there are also available loose fit leather jackets for men and women. Black color dominates all other colors when it comes to these biker jackets. Moist designers experiment with zips, buttons, and collars to come up with stylish and fashionable designs in these jackets to compel people to buy them. 

Evolve your own style or copy your icon
Some people love the colorful biker jackets with patches and logos of companies all over the body of these jackets. No matter what your age and liking, you are sure to get a style and design that suits your personality while riding motorcycle. You can wear your biker jacket over a dress or choose to wear it alone, allowing the leather to tough your naked body while riding. You can also choose to copy your favorite actor or model by wearing your biker jacket over a particular dress. You can look impressive wearing leather trousers to compliment your biker jacket. However, wearing leather over leather is not everyone’s cup of tea and you need not try it if you do not have a daring attitude. But you need to make sure that your biker jacket belongs to latest fashion to keep up with others in your friend circle.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Wait is over, It’s Time For a Suit!

Famous Jackets is a well known online clothing store and famous for delivering promising quality celebrity, TV stars and movie leather jackets and costumes for men’s and women’s across the globe. Our customer trust in our quality, super fast delivery, low price and excellent customer services. Most of our customers are a regular purchaser and often recommended heir family members, friends and colleagues to buy products from famous jackets as we always delivered what we promise. But from the last couple of months we are receiving huge numbers of queries from our global customers to add celebrity and TV stars suit as well in our online store.  Now the wait is over! As the proudly added a suit category as well in our store for our trusted customers.

For the making and designing of suit we have hired a well trained and experienced tailors and designers team specifically for this category. Whatever is your body type round, short or tall our tailored are expert to stitch the suit in your custom made size.
Below are our first introduce Men’s Suit;

  • Bear Grylls Blue Suit at Wimbledon 2015

We have made this suit for a royal look. Bear Grylls is a real life adventurer and you often see him on television in a survival outfit or casual trouser, Tee shirt and jacket outfit.  But yes, Bear Grylls also needs a dress suit to attend formal events. Bears Grylls worn this stunning suit to attend the tennis championship in London with his wife and he was looking so stylish and fashionable in his outfit. The suit is made from the superior quality of breathable fabric.  The suit has a very eye catching sparkling blue color.  If you have not tried a suit yet, then you must try this one for sure without any further delay. 
  • James Bond Skyfall Midnight Blue Tuxedo Suit


For a celebrity look, you must try this Tuxedo Suit in Midnight Blue color.  The suit is inspired from the blockbuster Hollywood movie- Skyfall and worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond in the movie.  The suit has an astonishing Midnight Blue color with shiny satin facing on collar, fold cuffs and on buttons makes it appealing for the wearer.  The suit is made in narrow cut style.  An easy way to grab the attentions of others, order this suit now. 
  • Spectre James Bond Tuxedo Suit


A complete three piece suit to lift you personality amongst others.  This fashion statement three piece suit is coming straight away from the movie “Spectre” and Daniel Craig has worn this suit as James Bond. This James Bond Tuxedo suit offers a slim fit coat with inside vest and matching trouser. The suit is prepared neatly with supreme quality of suiting fabric to make it look stylish and attractive. The suit is ideal to attend professional meetings, formal events and weddings.

We guarantee you that like our quality leather jackets, these newly introduced suits will also inspire you for sure. Keep visiting our website for more upcoming high quality of elegant suit at remarkable low prices.